Eight ways to keep you away from unhappy emotions


Eight ways to keep you away from unhappy emotions

When it’s time to vent: Don’t suppress bad moods, or let it vent 3?
5 minutes.

Such as crying a few times when the office is unoccupied, or tapping the table and chairs, lame.

  Pretend to be in a good mood: Sometimes pretending to be in a good mood can also let your bad mood slip away, stretch out, take a few deep breaths, make a short call, and try to force yourself to smile for 3 minutes.

  Get into the job role quickly: Annoyances will soon be washed away by your hassle.

  Recalling good times: Recalling good times is a good medicine to relieve bad mood.

  Stay out of the way for a while: just let go of everything temporarily and relax yourself.

  Keep concentrated moisture: When you are nervous and overwhelmed, first make a cup of tea and slowly sip a small sip, and you will lose your nervousness during the taste of tea.

  Humming a song that I like: Sing it out loud when no one is there.

  Learn to relieve: Some problems have no solution at all, take three or five minutes, and try the following tips: look out the window quietly, or close your eyes, imagine easy and happy things.

If you predict that the trouble is gone, you will actually feel suddenly bright.