Thoughts on Smart Yoga

Thoughts on “Smart Yoga”

One Zen Yoga uses the “smart yoga” method of learning and thinking to interact with the majority of yoga enthusiasts, so that everyone can better understand the connotation of yoga.

  ”Wisdom Yoga” study thinking one: A solid big lock hung on the iron door, an iron rod has spent nine cattle and two tigers, still can’t pry it open.
The key came, and its small body drilled into the keyhole, only a slight turn, and the big lock opened with a snap.

The iron asked strangely, “Why can’t I open it with so much effort, but you just opened it easily?

The key said, “Because I know its heart best.
Practicing yoga, if you want to enter the channel of human health, there is only a golden key to unlock your soul!

Otherwise, the posture of relying solely on your strength is nothing.
  ”Wisdom Yoga” Study Thinking 2: A young man who has many career frustrations, visits a Zen master.
Question: Master!
Is there any fate in this world?
  The Zen master said: Of course there is.
The young man asked again: Since there is destiny, it means that it is doomed. What use is that struggle?
What is going on with destiny?
  The Zen master directly answered the young man’s question, but instead grabbed one of his hands with a smile and said: Let us look at the palmistry first.
The Zen master spoke about three destined lines, “lifeline, wisdom line, and career line.
After speaking, the master said to the young man: stretch out your hand and do an action as I do.
The Zen master’s action is to raise his hand and raise his fist.
The young man did just that.
At this moment the Zen master asked him: Are you clenched?
The young man was a little confused, and replied: Hold tight.
The Zen master began to ask: Where is the lifeline?
The young man answered mechanically: in my hands.
The Zen Master continued to ask: What about the Wisdom Line?
The young man looked at his fist as if he was drinking with a bang, and suddenly realized: the line of wisdom is completely in his palm!
  The Zen master calmly continued: No matter what other people tell you, no matter how others count you, young people please remember that destiny is in their own hands, not others’!
This is destiny.
You can look at your own fist, and you will find that part of your lifeline is left outside and not held, what enlightenment can it give us?
Most of fate is in his own hands, but some remain in the “outside.”
The same is true of the career line; only the wisdom line is completely held in the hand, leaving no trace, which means that the destiny that you can fully grasp, including your career, depends on wisdom.It is easy to be mastered.
Throughout the ages, the meaning of “struggle” for those who achieve it lies in the hard work of their lives and the reliance on wisdom.
  Yoga translation is Zen, Zen is unparalleled wisdom; as a yoga trainer or practitioner, or yoga owner, no matter what setbacks and difficulties you encounter in life, we must not forget that the wisdom to improve destiny is entirely in our ownHand.
  ”Smart Yoga” study thinking three: There is a large company with good returns. In order to expand the scale of business, it is decided to recruit marketing executives with high salaries.
As soon as the advertisement came out, there were three candidates: A, B and C.
The person in charge explained that, within 10 days, sell combs to various monasteries, and then report to me the sales results.
  On the 10th.
The person in charge asked A: How many?
A: “1.
Q: How is it sold?
  Jiazi had gone through all the hard work and persuaded the monk to prove that he had bought a comb. It had no effect. He was also educated by the monk. Fortunately, he encountered a young monk flexing his scalp while basking in the sun while going down the mountain.

As soon as Jia had a clue, he handed in a wooden comb. The young monk was so happy that he used it, so he bought one.

  The person in charge asked B: how many?

B: “10.

Q: How is it sold?
  Yi said that he went to a famous ancient temple. Because of the high winds and high winds, the hair of the enthusiasts were all torn up. He found that the monk, the abbot of the temple, said that the shameless face was disrespect to the Buddha.

A wooden comb should be put in front of the incense case in each temple for the good boys and girls to comb and burst.

The monk abbot accepted his suggestion with a smile.

So I bought 10 wooden combs.

  The person in charge asked C: How many?

Answer A: 1,000.

The person in charge asked: How was it sold?

  Bing said that he went to a well-known, incense-prone deep mountain treasure, pilgrims, donors endlessly.

C said to the abbot: Every visitor who came here for incense would have a devout heartfelt reward. Baocha should have a rebate to commemorate it, to bless its peace and auspiciousness, and to encourage it to do more good deeds.

I have a cobalt wooden comb. Your calligraphy is excellent. It can be engraved with the words “Jishan Comb” and can be used as a gift.

The abbot was happy, and immediately bought 1,000 wooden combs.

The donors and pilgrims who received the “Good Comb” are also very happy. One pass ten, one hundred pass, more pilgrims, more incense.

  Selling a wooden comb to a monk sounded really strange. The thinking of the way A and B used was just ordinary salesmanship, while C knew some professional knowledge and principles of Buddhism, but made a difference.result.
Develop new markets where others think it is impossible. This is the true master of marketing.

After reading this story, yoga owners who have worked hard for another year{including yoga instructors}, please think about it carefully.

Yoga is not a commodity. So simple, it actually only has a broad connotation of wisdom culture; once it can be trimmed, when you run yoga, without the wisdom and inner culture of yoga, how do you spread and promote your yoga
  ”Wisdom Yoga” study and thinking 4: The acrobatic group has a new disciple. The master starts teaching by walking the tightrope. This disciple always deliberately stays on the tightrope when practicing. As a result, he always takes a few stepsFalling down, repeating the practice is still the same, and finally he stepped on the ground and couldn’t get up.

  At this time, the master came over and patted his disciples with a smile in front of him and said, “My child, it is not terrible to fall. This is a prerequisite for stability. The terrible thing is that you know why you fell.

The disciple heard the words, and climbed up again to practice.

The master yelled: “Walk up, relax, adjust your mentality, and keep walking until you forget the existence of the wire and forget to drop it, so that if you really learnAlready.
“Life is full of surprises. We should learn yoga like walking a tightrope with a smile, raising our heads and raising our chests. If we accidentally fall, we stand up again; when we use the principles of yoga correctly, we will not” accidentally “”, Will not” drop “again, find problems that hinder oneself, so as not to be engraved on the wire, so that our yoga can go more stable than others and go longer.

  ”Wisdom Yoga” study and thinking 5: A cleaner in a large Korean company was originally a most neglected and most despised role, but this is a person who was engaged in a thief when the company was stolen one nightA deadly fight.

Afterwards, when someone asked for his help and asked about his “heroic” motive, his answer was unexpected.

  He said: Every time the company’s general manager passes by, he will praise him from time to time “the area you sweep is really clean.”

  You see, just such a simple sentence, this employee was encouraged and moved, and at a critical moment, the cleaners and the company.

This coincides with an old Chinese saying, “Justices die for those who know themselves.”

A well-known American entrepreneur, Mary Kakai, once said a thought-provoking saying: “There are two things in the world that are more desirable than money and sex-both recognition and praise.

“Money is not omnipotent in motivating subordinates, but praise can just make up for it.

Because everyone in life has a recognized sense of pride and honor.

Your sincere praise and recognition of them is the best recognition and recognition of his value.

And sincerely commend the leaders of their subordinates, they can meet the spiritual needs of employees and stimulate their potential talents.

The best way to impress people is a part of sincere appreciation and goodwill. In the yoga studio, as the owner of you, in the yoga class, as the yoga teacher, have you done this?

  ”Wisdom Yoga” Study Thinking 6: An old carpenter is preparing to retire. He told the boss that he would leave the construction industry and go home with his wife and children to enjoy the joy of family.

The boss was reluctant to leave his good staff, so he asked if he could help build another house, and the old carpenter said yes.But everyone can see later that the old carpenter’s heart is no longer at work. He uses soft materials and does rough work.

  When the house was built, the boss handed him the key to the door.

  ”This is your house,” said the boss. “I give you a gift.

“The old carpenter noticed at this moment, stunned, and then felt ashamed.

If he had known this before and was building a house for himself, how could he have done so?

  Where would the old carpenter dare to live in a crudely constructed house!

Look at the old carpenter, we look back at ourselves, sometimes, why not?

Many of our yoga instructors are not just thinking about benefits casually, busy looking for work everywhere, tired of coping with their own classes, and focusing on the interests side.

When we were amazed one day, we were already trapped in the “house” we built.

As a yoga studio owner and yoga instructor, think about your restaurant and classroom: every day you knock in a nail, and add a board-care, or erect a wall-responsibility!

Build with your wisdom!

The benefit of your life is the only thing you create for yourself with an equal heart, it can never smooth the reconstruction.

  Remember this sentence: At any time, the benefits of a happy life are created by your own heart!

  ”Wisdom Yoga” study and thinking 7: A rich man in a city went to the countryside to collect land for rent, and went to the tenant’s barn. The rich man looked east and west to see when I lost my favorite pocket watch.

The rich were anxious, and the farmers did not know what to do, so they had to find everyone in the village to look for pocket watches.

Go through the barn, but the pocket watch is still missing.

It was getting late, the rich people looked disappointed, and the villagers went home one by one, but some people stayed.

“I am sure to find your beloved pocket watch.

This person told the rich that confidence is so-called.


Then trouble you, I will reward you if I find it.

“The rich man said comfortably.

  I saw the man leading the rich man into the barn, and after taking a position, he sat quietly with him.

At this moment, everything was quiet and silent .; at this moment, a small voice came from the right and rear corner of the barn clearly-“tick, tick, tick .” This person gently resembled a cat, On the almost silent footsteps, seeking sound went to the right rear corner.

When he was nearby, the man ducked down, ears pressed against the ground, found a pocket watch in a pile of straw, walked out of the barn, smiled proudly, and walked towards the rich.

  We will encounter many things in life, many of which are difficult to solve. At this time, my heart is entangled with the troubles that are intertwined with the roots. In the confusion, how do I face it?

If you can calm down and think, you will often realize suddenly.

  Remember a note from yoga: calm down makes everything suddenly bright!