“I’m afraid it is you who will die!”A weak clone of Li Ming’s monster clan clone is far away‘attention’The three strongest。

The secret of talent of the avatar【Clone】,Can easily incarnate over ten thousand,At the same time, it can consume a clone without loss,Make the divine power directly return to any other deity。
Simultaneously,Every clone can be used【Void Snare】This secret technique,This secret technique can suppress the void,Can also be simple‘touch’Void,Explore everything around without changing the surrounding area。
And the scope of this field,Beyond the realm beast’s perception。
Whenever the world beast approaches,Li Ming directly dissipated the clone。
This makes Li Ming walk in the dark place easily,Probe everywhere。
Single Beast,I saw a thousand heads。
natural,I also saw the side that betrayed the original universe,The three strongest people in the world of beasts。
These three strongest seem to be powerful,But Li Ming understood that when the original universe was released【World of Jin】,Many of the strongest in the three reincarnation ages of the universe、Many lords of the original universe will have a sharp rise。
By the time,These three ninth-tier reluctantly strongest ones are nothing。
But the beast,But a real confidant。
“A total of more than1382Head Beast,Including412I’ve seen them fight,The strongest head surpasses the current giant axe,The weakest end is equivalent to my monster clan clone。”
“but,This is a pure attack power,The energy of the world beasts is completely opposite to the creatures bred in the universe,It’s hard to tell if you really fight!”
Li Ming is still very wary of the world beasts。
They were born on the same level as the original universe itself,Extremely powerful,And the world beasts that grow to the extreme need even a group of god king-level existences to resist。
Against the beast,To detect their news,He is also very serious。
This probe,Eight full years have passed。
“Dim place,Except for the most densely packed world beasts,I have surveyed the other over 90% of the area。That dense place,Observed in my field,There is almost one world beast per million kilometers,It’s almost like making dumplings!Single projection,There are over a million world beasts。”