“You let this shit,I got angry”Meizi’s face changed,Said angrily。

Wang Youcai knows the nature of this woman,Obviously thought about it,Do it myself。But she just didn’t admit it,Really want to be**,The woman who wants to set up an archway。
“Ah!Be so careful now!Am I just kidding you?”Wang Youcai quickly changed the subject。
A plum,Looked around,Found no one here,He smiled and said to Wang Youcai:“go!Go home for tea”
“Not going!I’m afraid Chen Gui sees you and I get jealous again”Wang Youcai said he was leaving。
But what he didn’t expect was,Meizi boldly took his hand and said:“Chen Gui works overtime at night,It will be past nine o’clock in the evening to come back”
Wang Youcai became even more scared when he heard it,He has also learned how this woman is,Besides, the matter between him and Wang Lan left a shadow in his heart。I can’t follow this woman anymore today,In case something happens again,His reputation as Wang Youcai really stinks。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai broke free of Meizi’s hand and said:“No way!So many people came home,Wait for me to go back to eat,Next time you come to the city, I will treat you to dinner”
“Eat you big head,Don’t tell me if your phone is changed,Where can i find you”Meizi turned white and Wang Youcai said with a glance,She seems to be serious。
Wang Youcai is walking,Whispered:“You can go to my little clinic to find me”
“cut!I’m not sick”Meizi saw Wang Youcai like this。Twisted his butt exaggeratedly,Turned and went home。
When Wang Youcai came home,Yao Chunni and Song Fang are busy in the kitchen。It seems that Song Fang helped Yao Chunni,Wang Youcai felt a little better。
“Hey!Don’t hurry to go!Come and help us!A few dishes are cooked,You help bring it to the room”When Song Fang saw Wang Youcai,So he called him down。
Wang Youcai has no affection for Song Fang。And there is a bit of hatred between them。But she turned out to be her own sister-in-law,Wang Youcai has been upset about this。
Since Song Fang took the initiative to call him,He was too embarrassed to refuse。So Wang Youcai returned,Went into the kitchen。Yao Chunni is really capable,She wore a big mask on her mouth,Holding a big shovel and it’s frying。
This woman does housework for cooking,Never complained。And Wang Youcai also found,Yao Chunni’s cooking skills are pretty good。
“Hey king boss!How about going to your small clinic to work”Song Fang saw that Wang Youcai came in,He said quickly。
Wang Youcai glanced at Song Fang and said:“If you can sit for a doctor,Go to work tomorrow。Besides,Don’t mention it in front of me,Listening upset”Wang Youcai said,Picked up two plates of fried dishes and went into the room。
Wang Youfa and Wang Youdao are chatting,I’m ready tonight。They stood up immediately,Began to put a small dining table on the kang。Chen Yueqin also sat up at this time,She glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Call your second wife,Let her bring the kids up to eat”