Seeing the good life is right in front of you,The most talented of the three brothers,Even the owner said that the second child with a high probability of entering the universe level has fallen here.。

Ling Da gave birth to death,The Nianli weapon in his hand shoots directly at Prince Zikurdanis,At the same time holding a force weapon and flying out。However, the opponent’s constant star ninth-level master still has ten people left。
“Get out!”Li Ming shouted,His mental power swept through,I also know the fall of Ling Er。
His inner grief,Although it’s not as good as the relationship between Ling Da and the other three,But it has been nearly ten years since he bought the three from the slave market,They are the first batch of constant star powerhouses he bought。
He does not regard these constant star spiritual teachers as slaves,But the subordinates and bodyguards,Knowing each other for the past ten years is also very emotional。not to mention,Ling Er is the most talented one。
“You can’t make it!”Meteoros has become very relaxed,Attack and defense also become slippery,In this state he has no threat to Li Ming,But Li Ming can’t even hurt him。
He doesn’t know,Prince Zikurdanis still carrying such a big killer,B9Laser cannon,Even the kind that has a long storage time,It can easily be worth ten constant-star level 9 slaves。
Next,The strong on his side can easily win with the opponent’s three times the number advantage and the laser gun of Prince Zikurdanis。
And as long as he stops this talented master,Wait until the other constant stars are cleared,Relying on a siege is enough to win,Why be so crazy。
But he doesn’t work hard,Li Ming is desperate!
A strong sense of anger is bred in the sea of consciousness。
Babata once said to Li Ming,His will itself is extremely strong,Comparable to the master-level powerhouse。But he lacked a trace of sharpness and sharpness。
And at the moment,This edge is beginning to show。
“Puff~”Ling Da, who rushed into the opponent’s camp, was hit by three force weapons,Body turned into a pile of meat,Scattered in this black water。
Rush into the opponent’s attack range alone,He was besieged by the other five masters in an instant。
But he just attacked like crazy,Especially the last moment,He threw the force weapon in his hand,Use the method of leaving the sword,Also hit a permanent star warrior。
At the same time his crazy attacks,It also created opportunities for Li Ming, including Hong and Lei Shen Zai.,One of their joint siege also killed each other directly,Hit one person hard。
Saw Ling Da’s death,Li Ming’s anger at the moment,Some even don’t know how to face that little girl Ling San。
Endless anger,Completely inspired Li Ming’s will。