Stroking double peaks flirting is also rising

Stroking “double peaks” flirting is also rising

Caressing a woman’s breasts, any man will, this seems ten men’s natural instinct.
However, one day you find that she is becoming less and less sensitive to breast stimulation, what should I do?
  Among the female’s sexy belts, only breasts and sexual organs are listed as the highest sensitive areas.
A more correct statement is not so much a breast as a nipple.
Some people are stimulated, even if the penis is not inserted, only the nipples are caressed to reach the climax of women.
  Although the nipple is called a highly sensitive belt, if you use the same kind of caress, you will become accustomed to this kind of stimulation, and you will feel nothing. Therefore, in order to avoid the flow, you should use different kinds ofStimulation method.
  First of all, in general caress, it refers to kneading the breast with both hands.
But don’t use too much force.
First cover the entire breast with your fingers, gently pinch the nipple with your fingers and slowly caress.
Sometimes strong, sometimes weak, like a musical instrument.
  In addition, you can caress not only with your whole hand but with your fingertips.
The fingertip gently strokes from top to bottom with the curve of the breast, and gently draws a circle around the nipple.
At the beginning, I quickly stroked on the nipple, and then turned to slowly caress the nipple.
Gently stroke with your fingertips and gently pinch the nipple with your index finger and thumb.
At this point, you can speed up slightly, first touch the right side and then turn to the left, you should also pay attention to the degree of urgency.
Not only with your fingers, you can also caress with your tongue and lips.
When using the lips, you can use your lips to bite the nipples and then use your tongue to turn the nipples. This is one of the methods.