Pneumonia is not without vitality

“Pneumonia” is not without vitality

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  Source: Lanfu Finance opened trading software at 9:30 on the first day of the opening of the Gengzi Year Stock Market. I believe that many people can see dozens of spectacular sights on the daily limit of selected stocks.

  At this moment, more than 3,000 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fell by nearly 10%, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index was 2716.

7 o’clock, -8.

The decline of 73% opened sharply lower, down nearly 260 points from the previous trading day.

As of today’s close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2746.

61, down 7.

72%, the largest decline since the stock market crash in 2008.

  The influencing factors of the epidemic event on the secondary market, and its influence on various industries and leading companies, have already been inferred and analyzed on the network. It seems that there are not too many repeated descriptions.

But behind this catastrophic decline, we have observed some alternative information.

  Prior to the outbreak in Wuhan, Sina had conducted a position survey on some investors and institutions on January 15th. Nearly 80% of investors were optimistic about the quarterly market and thought it would be more convenient to operate the holiday.

In a small and medium-sized investor position study by a securities firm, more than 50% of the samples were in the full-stock phase.

  Another data from the private equity monitoring network also shows that a large number of institutions held positions before the holiday, until December 31, 2019, the stock private equity position index was 77.

01%, the margin increase is obvious.

Specifically, 57.

09% of private equity positions in stocks are above 80%, and private equity positions below 50% account for 12%.

59%, about 30% of private placements are between 50% and 80%.

  After the high-volume holders were washed away by various news of the holiday, it is inevitable that the future market panic will be unavoidable, so that the opening of the position will be reduced to minimize the risk.

As a result, in proportion to the operational impact of the epidemic on listed companies, a large number of full positions, investors with heavy positions are the biggest shorts that determine the recent market trend.

  At present, our battle with the pneumonia epidemic is heating up day by day, but the “outbreak” stock market disaster in the capital market seems to be just beginning.

  Fortunately, we have experienced only two large-scale outbreaks, and we have experienced countless large-scale stock disasters.

At such times, analyzing the future direction rationally and choosing a suitable investment strategy direction has become a magic weapon for many investors to defeat the enemy in the market.

  After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I chose the direction and looked at the market after the market opened today. I believe that there are still many small and medium investors who have questions: why not wait for the profits to be exhausted, and the epidemic situation will ease a little before opening the market?

  In fact, from the perspective of the state financial institutions in recent days, the regulators have already told us the answer: The opening of the stock market on February 3 was the result of weighing various factors.

  At yesterday’s press conference, the shortcomings of the Securities Regulatory Commission’s continued delay in opening the market roughly caused three explanations: 1. The longer the A-share market is closed, the accumulated pressure will change, and the uncertainty will increase.

  2. Due to the interbank market, foreign exchange market, and bond market opening on February 3, if the stock market is unilaterally closed, it may cause investors with cross-market trading difficulties in liquidity, and the normal operation of the financial system will have obstacles.

  3. The internationalization of these stock markets is getting higher and higher. The continuous market suspension of A shares will affect the continuity and smoothness of cross-border investor transactions.

  These three points directly point to a core issue-to continue to extend the liquidity crisis brought about by the opening of the market.

  As mentioned above, there are currently a large number of institutional or individual investors in full and heavy positions. If you choose to continue to delay the opening of the market, investors’ plans to reduce their positions and invest in other areas after the opening of the Spring Festival will change, and because the market stopsThis part of the funds locked in the stock market may not play any role at all, leading to additional time costs.

At the same time, these funds have decreased and may even affect the period of repair after the epidemic.

  It is true that the impact of choosing a market at this stage on the index and individual stocks is distorted, but the reversal also provides investors with a choice.

  Focusing on the sectors affected by the epidemic is actually a relatively simple way to avoid risks for small and medium investors.

And the category plate is quite easy to find in the weak market.

  According to reports, the monitoring of the choice sector shows that there are only three sectors that are on the rise today, namely medical commerce, in vitro diagnostics and the concept of influenza. Pharmaceutical stocks in the sector such as First Medicine (600833) and Zhejiang Zhenyuan (000705) have soared todayDaily limit.

Needless to say, these increases are closely related to the prevention and control of the Wuhan epidemic.

  In 2020, when masks become the best new year’s products, mask-related concept stocks have also performed strongly today.

Naturally, the companies involved in manufacturing medical protection will occasionally be particularly strong at this time.

  The mobile game / game sector is also considered to be one of the sectors that are less affected by the epidemic. The subsequent consecutive national trips will be reduced due to the epidemic, and companies with profitable online businesses will gradually increase more DAU (number of daily active users).Looking at the performance of individual stocks today, Kunlun Wanwei (300418) and Electric Soul Network (603258) expanded significantly, increasing by 5 respectively.17%, 3.

07%, the entire gaming sector is relatively stable.

  In addition to the gaming sector, the e-commerce and express logistics industries are also likely to be affected by the epidemic and increase their personal business, but the company’s business may indeed be interchangeable.

In addition, what is related to express delivery is actually the paper packaging industry. Because there are more online shopping, the demand for paper packaging has increased, and the impact should be relatively small.

  The market outlook does not have to be too panic just two days ago. The People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Finance, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission, and the Foreign Exchange Bureau and other five departments jointly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening Financial Support for Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situation of New Coronavirus Infection”.

  In the notice, nearly 30 measures were introduced. In addition to continuing to strengthen the expected guidance, through open market operations, standing borrowing facilities, refinancing, and re-discounting, and other monetary policy tools, one of the measures satisfies the market.Confidence: The expansion of the financial market will provide sufficient liquidity.

  Because the market is expected to open after the epidemic, it is expected to use various tools to maintain the stability of the market in stages.

In the early morning and mid-day period, the open market also launched 300 billion 14 days and 900 billion 7 days of reverse repurchase operations. The interest rate was lowered by 10 basis points, and the meaning of “hydrating” the market has appeared.

  However, for investors, the stocks they hold are often more cautious and are currently affected by the epidemic. The capital chain of many listed companies is being tested from above, so after the market is stable, the operating environment of the listed companies behind the stocks is very important.

  Because of this, some requirements of listed companies have been relaxed by regulatory legislation.

For example, during the 北京夜网 epidemic period, if it is difficult to disclose the performance forecast or performance report on schedule, it may apply to the stock exchange for extension of processing; if it is difficult to disclose the 2019 annual report on the original date, it may apply to the stock exchange for extension to disclosure before April 30, 2020.

  Cao Yu, deputy chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said that he would guide bancassurance institutions to meet the reasonable financing needs of listed companies, and have good production and operation fundamentals, and become a listed company with room for development. Encourage the use of comprehensive credit support.

For listed companies with temporary production and operational difficulties, but with good prospects, a variety of market-based legalization methods 无锡桑拿网 can be used to help them overcome the difficulties.