Driving like this might be too tired,Xia Jian asked gently:“Who owns this car,As if it was just proposed?”

“From my dad,It’s only been more than a week,I let Bu Ting run in for two days,It just came in handy today。I think this space shouldn’t be said!”Gu Yue stared at the front,Speak softly。
Xia Jian couldn’t help sighing:“This space is absolutelyOK,I think you drive very easily,A good car is different”Xia Jian was talking like this,Thinking in my heart,Rich people are different,Buy hundreds of thousands of cars,It feels like a poor man changing clothes。
The night is getting deeper,The two women behind are silent,Probably fell asleep,Gu Yue snorted coldly:“Two lazy pigs,And said they can’t sleep,Will speak with me,I fell asleep just now。Thank you for coming,Otherwise this car really can’t drive“
“Or stop in front,Let me drive,You take a break!“Xia Jian said softly。
Gu Yue shook his head and said:“The road is far,We drove for four hours alone,Change as soon as you reach the service area,In this case, everyone is not tired,Also safe。It’s ten o’clock,The next service area may be like 12 o’clock,You open,I will rest in the back“
“Ok“Xia Jiangang responded,I felt the phone vibrate in my pocket,It should be a text message。
Xia Jian took out the phone,Open the lid and have a look,It was sent by Yao Junli“build!My mood is very bad,Can you come to the hotel?“
Xia Jian has a look,I couldn’t help but shrink,Look at this trouble,Why did you forget Yao Junli?,Isn’t he going back tomorrow??
Xia Jian thought for a while,Then returned a message“Sorry,I just returned to the dorm,The boss called me to goYNBusiness trip,On the way now”
It’s been a while since the message was sent,He just received Yao Junli’s reply“Got it,Bon Voyage!”It can be seen from this information,Yao Junli is very unhappy,But I am indeed on the way,There is no alternative。
Watching the flashing lights outside the window,There are little stars in the sky,Xia Jian couldn’t help thinking,Why do people do this?Except for work,And deal with the complicated feelings,If people have no emotions and desires,He can’t figure it out,What will this world look like。
To the service area,Gu Yue drove the car in,Then shouted to the back:“Arrived!Almost getting up!“
Xia Fei and Chen Jing hurriedly sat up,Xia Fei rubbed her eyes and asked:“Where did you go?Will not have arrivedYNIs it!I don’t think you can fly at this speed.!“
“Get off!Really two pigs,Also said to speak with me,Fell asleep shortly after getting in the car“Gu Yue smiled and scolded and jumped out of the car。She stretched a long waist under the car,I can see that she is still very tired。
Chen Jing yawned and said:“I’m so embarrassed to say that we are asleep,Just a handsome guy,You won’t let him talk to us,Then we won’t sleep and listen to you two whispering,So sorry“
Xia Fei followed,The two masters made fun of Gu Yue。Xia Jian got out of the car,When I saw the word restaurant,I remembered that he hadn’t eaten yet,No wonder he always feels weird in his stomach,It was empty。
“Let’s eat something before leaving!“Xia Jian invites everyone。